This Space Travel Company Wants to Fly You Around the Moon

While sweethearts have long sung about traveling to the moon, generally, it’s just been feasible for 24 individuals. And keeping in mind that a space mission remains an impossibility for a large portion of us, it might soon be feasible for individuals to fly around the moon.

Space Adventures, a Virginia-based space and aviation organization, is putting forth a “circumlunar mission” to the individuals who can bear the cost of it.

Those on the lunar mission will come surprisingly close to the moon’s surface — the nearest anyone has been since 1972, as per the organization.

Voyagers around the moon will first board a rocket to the International Space Station (ISS). The space explorers will burn through 10 days at the ISS to adapt to the astral conditions. The mission is restricted to two travelers and one expert cosmonaut.

From the ISS, travelers board a moment rocket with a lunar module. This rocket will consume room explorers to see the “lit up far-side of the Moon and afterward witness the astonishing sight of the Earth transcending the surface of the Moon” before returning back to Earth.

Space Adventures hopes to start its circumlunar missions “in the mid 2020s.”

It’s a given that a stumble into space doesn’t come modest. Space Adventures has not unveiled a cost for the mission, saying that the cost “relies upon the vehicle you pick, the planning and the correct mission profile.” However, seeing that individuals are now paying $250,000 for six weightless minutes in space, a two-week mission will probably cost a whole lot more.