New OnePlus 5T Camera Mod Dramatically Improves Performance

The OnePlus 5T is extraordinary compared to other Android telephones around the present moment, and another camera module for the telephone improves it EVEN

The camera on the OnePlus 5T is respectable. Yet, another camera mod called the Camera M Mod improves things even with enhanced detail in caught pictures. Also, best of all? You can download it with the expectation of complimentary right at this point.

The camera is the one zone of the OnePlus 5T where things aren’t exactly in the same class as the opposition. It’s sufficiently respectable, yet it’s no chance to get close in the same class as the shooter on the Google Pixel 2 XL or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The Camera M Mod, in any case, reduces this difference. To say the very least, as should be obvious underneath in the pictures.

How the Camera M Mod functions is sufficiently basic: it takes the current OnePlus 5T and basically puts it on steroids by expanding the JPG quality to 100 which includes WAY more detail to caught pictures.

Nonetheless, with a specific end goal to get this mod up and running on your OnePlus 5T you will require Magisk introduced on your telephone and have your telephone established.

The mod comes through XDA Developers and you can download it by following the guidelines found here. Before doing anything, in any case, I would firmly encourage you to peruse ALL the remarks and data in the string. That way you know precisely what you’re doing/getting yourself into