Meizu new phones don’t have notches


Chinese organization Meizu has disclosed its new scope of cell phones, the 15 arrangement, and it is by all accounts standing firm against current patterns in telephone plan. You won’t discover scores or even tall screens here — simply extensive, in place rectangles. It’s in reality sort of reviving.

There are three telephones: the 5.95-inch 1440p OLED Meizu 15 Plus, the 5.46-inch 1080p OLED Meizu 15, and the 5.46-inch 1080p LCD Meizu 15 Lite. The Plus utilizations a Samsung Exynoos 8895 processor, uncommonly — a similar chip found in global models of the Galaxy S8 — while the 15 has a Snapdragon 660 and the Lite utilizes a Snapdragon 626.

Plan insightful, envision an iPhone 7 Plus with more slender bezels on each of the four sides and you’re basically there — the telephones even figure out how to fit a round unique mark peruser prepared home catch beneath the screen. Meizu is additionally touting a direct vibration engine to work with this catch and different highlights all through the Flyme 7 programming.

The two OLED models have a double 20-megapixel and 12-megapixel raise camera setup, while every one of the three have 20-megapixel selfie cameras. The Lite and the 15 have 4GB of RAM and 3,000mAh batteries, while the Plus is moved up to 6GB and 3,500mAh. Every one of the telephones have earphone jacks.

In general, the 15 arrangement resembles a quite strong lineup in the event that you’ve been not as much as captivated with the way telephone configuration has been going recently. The Plus will offer from 3,000 yuan (about $475) in China, the 15 will offer for 2,500 yuan (~$400), and the Lite will cost 1,700 yuan (~270).