Larger than usual rooftop covers patios on either side of CEBRA’s Danish summer house

A pitched rooftop expands well past the interior dividers to make protected porches around the edges of this mid year house composed by Danish engineering studio CEBRA for a site sitting above the nation’s Vejle Fjord.

CEBRA made the property for a customer who dwells in the studio’s Iceberg lodging venture – a harbourside plot in Aarhus containing spiked volumes displayed on a bunch of gliding chunks of ice.

The Treldehuset summer house is situated on a lush site beside the fjord. The perspectives towards the water and the want to advance outside living educated the building’s introduction and format.

The house includes a low-lying gabled shape, with its back height looking towards the water. The living spaces are contained in a larch-clad volume that stretches out along the spine of the building.

The building’s pitched rooftop stretches out to meet an external divider situated past the warm envelope, making the impression of a littler house settled inside a bigger one.

“At first look, the house is customarily composed with a pitched rooftop paralleling the long sides of the site and a peak confronting the view,” said the draftsmen.

“In any case, at a more critical look, we are managing a sort of twofold house – a house inside a greater house. This thought summons contemplations of the Russian babushka dolls.”

The spaces around the edge of the warm envelope frame roofed porches that the proprietors can use as an augmentation of the living zones on summer nights, notwithstanding when it’s down-pouring.

The outside dividers and rooftop are clad in dim slate that peruses as a strong shell wrapping around the building. The edges of the peak closes are fixed with aluminum profiles that edge the timber inside.

The dark aluminum proceeds over the surfaces of openings cut into the dividers and rooftop, which enable daylight to achieve the porches and edge perspectives of the environment.

The house’s inside is partitioned into two parallel parts that reach out along the thin site. The mutual zones including a lounge room, kitchen and feasting territory are situated toward the west and open onto the more extensive of the two patios.

More private spaces including a visitor room, restroom and utility room are masterminded along the eastern side of the building. A room watching out onto the fjord can be associated with the nearby living territory.

The principle living space is fixed on two sides with sliding glass entryways that can be withdrawn on warm days to interface this live with the encompassing porch.

The inside is fixed with timber that makes a feeling of coherence with the open air spaces. Concrete and white-painted dividers add to the quieted and quiet feel of the rooms.