Apple might chip away at a superior method to deal with iPhone battery substitutions

Apple dropped the cost of iPhone battery substitutions in the wake of affirming that iOS throttles more established iPhones when it identifies conceivable battery medical problems. Turmoil followed, at any rate for some iPhone clients who were not able have their iPhone overhauled when Apple stores came up short on certain iPhone batteries — the iPhone 6 Plus battery is as far as anyone knows out of stock until March. That is on account of the $29 battery program is accessible to any iPhone clients, regardless of whether their batteries breeze through wellbeing tests and don’t trigger any stoppages in any case.

As disappointment mounts, Apple seems, by all accounts, to be trying another method for influencing the whole battery substitution to encounter less difficult for influenced purchasers.

The organization is presently letting Canadian iPhone clients hold a battery through the iPhone Support application. This has all the earmarks of being a restricted trial, Apple Insider clarifies, as a similar element isn’t accessible in the US rendition of the application.

Clients hoping to have their batteries swapped need to go to the Get Support menu in the application, at that point pick the Battery, Power, and Charging menu, and after that select Reserve a Battery, as found in the accompanying picture.

Once a battery is saved, clients have seven days to finish the substitution. In the event that the swap isn’t finished inside that time span, the saved battery moves once again into the general pool. It’s as straightforward as that, and the element may spare you an excursion to a nearby Apple store, particularly if the areas close you have constrained supply of substitution batteries.

It’s hazy whether the battery reservation highlight will be accessible in different markets, yet it would absolutely bode well to disentangle the procedure outside Canada also.