Apple affirms it now utilizes Google Cloud for iCloud administrations

Apple has affirmed that it utilizes Google’s open cloud to store information for its iCloud benefits in its most recent adaptation of the iOS Security Guide a month ago, as spotted by CNBC. Reports that Apple depended on Google’s cloud administrations surfaced in 2016 yet were beforehand never affirmed.

Apple had already utilized remote information stockpiling frameworks gave by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Apple’s version of the iOS Security Guide in March 2017 still recorded Microsoft Azure rather than Google Cloud Platform.

The new version portrays its iCloud benefit: “The scrambled lumps of the record are put away, with no client recognizing data, utilizing outsider stockpiling administrations, for example, [Amazon] S3 and Google Cloud Platform.”

The report doesn’t plainly state whether Apple utilizes any Google cloud benefits outside of putting away photographs and recordings, nor does it give a begin date for when Apple initially did the switch.