Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Adopted a Dog at a Robotics Conference. A Robot Dog, Of Course

Amazon CEO and author Jeff Bezos went for an unordinary walk with man’s closest companion to commence his organization’s yearly apply autonomy gathering.

The very rich person posted on Twitter a photo of himself “strolling” his cutting edge four-legged companion, the canine-molded Boston Dynamics robots SpotMini. The robot became a web sensation after it was shot opening entryways, and motivated the prophetically catastrophic Black Mirror scene ‘Metalhead’, demonstrate maker Charlie Brooker toldEntertainment Weekly.

SpotMini weighs approximately 55 pounds and is energized by a rechargeable electric battery, as indicated by Boston Dynamics’ site. It’s additionally “the calmest” robot the organization has constructed, and can get and handle objects.

Amazon’s welcome just yearly MARS gathering started on Monday, and plans to investigate machine learning, home mechanization, mechanical technology, and space investigation. Bezos has additionally been spotted playing brew pong against a robot rival, with recordings of the diversion surfacing on the web.