You most likely know Samsung as the demonstrated producer of a portion of the world’s best cell phones. Simply take a gander at the staggering, recently reported S9. Thing is, it wasn’t generally along these lines: well before borderless screens and double focal point cameras, Samsung was in charge of a pile of mobiles that extended from the captivating to the plain unusual. Here are ten of the weirdest.

1.SAMSUNG M7600 BEAT DJ (2009)

Despite the fact that the iPhone had been propelled approximately two years beforehand, in 2009 Samsung still observed the incentive in include telephones – releasing this music-focussed portable on the world. Its crowd? Wannabe DJs. Other than sound changed by Bang and Olufsen, the puck-formed telephone pressed a touch-empowered board that was somewhere close to an iPod scroll haggle DJ deck – giving you a chance to blend tunes on the fly with only your thumb.

2. SAMSUNG P730 (2004)

In the prior days cell phones, specs were mediocre and highlight sets restricted – so producers swung to the outline division to separate their products from the opposition. Which is the means by which we wound up with things like the P730. Shunning the customary flip-telephone pivot, its LCD-prepared best half could swivel around the bolt cushion (which stuck out from the highest point of the telephone when shut). Why? To enable you to make best utilization of the huge 1MP camera on the back.


A joint exertion from Samsung and B&O, the Serene was especially frame over capacity. Outfitted with a roundabout keypad and a camera mounted on the pivot, it was a long way from the least demanding portable to work (however it could be utilized whichever way up), while its eye-watering $1,275 sticker price was never going to be supported by an aluminum pivot and some hip styling. In any case, it’s ostensibly more intriguing than the majority of the present dark rectangles.

4. SAMSUNG Z130 (2005)

In the prior days you could jab your telephone’s screen, half of the handset’s body was unavoidably taken up with bothersome keys – which implied picture screens and a refuse video encounter. Prompt the Z130: a confection handset with a swiveling ‘wide view’ screen. Content in representation, before flicking it sideways for a fast video hit. That the show had a determination of only 176 by 220 pixels was irrelevant.


The second of Samsung’s tie-ins with Bang and Olufsen was similarly as bizarre as the first: the Serenata was all smooth lines and smooth bends. Gracious, and it appeared as though it had been outlined topsy turvy. The iPod-style scroll wheel sat over the show, which made it somewhat of a fiddle to really hold. In any case, the slide-out speaker sounded sufficiently conventional.

6. SAMSUNG S7550 BLUE EARTH (2009)

It is difficult to enhance your eco-accommodating picture when you’re a cell phone maker producing a huge number of plastic-shelled telephones – however Samsung still attempted in 2009 with its Blue Earth handset. Built from reused plastic water bottles, its huge offering point was the incredible awesome sun powered board on the back which, in principle, could convey 10 minutes of talk time from a hour under the sun.

7. SAMSUNG B3310 (2009)

Slide out consoles seemed well and good before the touchscreen truly took off. Slide out consoles where a column of numbers was appended to the highest point of the telephone? Maybe less so. Looking emphatically disproportionate, the deviated B3310 sold well all the same, in huge part because of a low value point – demonstrating that strange plans either must be extremely shabby, or ridiculously costly to bode well.

8. SAMSUNG P900 (2006)

What’s superior to anything a telephone with a pivoting screen? A telephone with a pivoting screen that flips. Taking the form set by the Z130, Samsung’s P900 matched the built up flip-telephone tasteful with a show that could swivel to even for video obligations. The best piece? It resembled some sort of science fiction body scanner at full turn.

9. SAMSUNG X830 (2006)

Samsung knew well ahead of time of the cell phone time that making telephones popular was a victor – just, in 2006 that implied gaudy hues, a fiddly console and an unfeasible swiveling outline. All things considered, regardless of its tight screen and smaller keypad, the blocky X830 was a hit since it was simply so unique to everything else available – aside from, maybe, the similarly abnormal Nokia 7280.

10. SAMSUNG Z710 (2006)

A handset that was part telephone, part handycam, the Z710 matched a 3.2 megapixel focal point on the back with a screen that flipped out on an arm – and it was a really peculiar bundle. From the back it resembled a computerized camera, finish with glimmer, handgrip and shade catch; from the front, it was each piece the flip telephone. As in vogue as the S9? We’ll give you a chance to choose.